Saturday, January 15, 2022

Valentine's Treat Bag and a Tutorial

It's very cold outside today so I am keeping warm in my craft room and had fun creating this treat bag for Valentine's Day featuring the Smitten Collection from Close To My Heart. I cannot wait to fill some bags with candy and other treats for my friends and coworkers this Valentine's Day!

The treat bag uses cardstock for the base and patterned paper for embellishments. I also stamped some fun images to add to the front of the bag. I have included a link to a PDF of instructions at the end of this post as well as a process video.

To create this treat box you will need 2 pieces of cardstock and 1 piece of patterned paper.  From the cardstock you will need to cut 2 larger hearts that are about 6" at the widest point, 1 strip that is 1" x 12" and then a 6" x 8" piece. From the patterned paper you will need 2 hearts that are about 5 3/4" at the widest point.

If you have a Cricut I have created a shared Design Space file so you can cut the hearts and score and cut the box base. You can access the file here. The file uses images that are free in Design Studio. If you use the Cricut you can skip the next step to go to the assembly of the box. The only piece not included is the 1" x 12" strip for the handle.

If you do not have a Cricut you can use a 12" trimmer with scoring blade or a scoring platform to score and cut the 6" x 8" piece according to the following diagram.
  1. Score the 2" square in the box base by - On the 8" side score at 2" from 3" to 5", rotate 90 degrees and on the 6" side score at 3" from 2" to 4". Rotate another 90 degrees and repeat the scoring to finish the box.
  2. On the 6" side cut at 2" to the corner of the scored box. At 4" and repeat cut to the box corner. Rotate 180 degrees and repeat the cuts on the opposite 6" side.
  3. On the 8" side cut at 7/8" to the 2" cut line. At 7 1/8" cut to the 2" line. Rotate 180 degrees and repeat the cuts on the opposite 8" side. This will cut out the greyed out areas.
  4. Score each corner from the tip to the corner of the scored box. This will create triangular tabs for the assembly process. Fold along scored lines.  
When you are done scoring and cutting the box base piece will look as follows.

Place strong adhesive on the outside of the box base piece on the triangular tabs as shown.

Remove the adhesive backing and tuck the triangular tabs inside. You will end up with a "boat-like" box base. Place adhesive on the back of both ends of the handle strip and adhere to the outside of the box base.

Place strong adhesive on the back of the patterned paper hearts and the scalloped hearts. For the scalloped hearts place one strip vertically along the center to adhere it to the handle. Do not place adhesive higher than 1 3/4" up from the bottom to keep it from showing.  Adhere the patterned paper heart to the front of the scalloped heart.

Adhere each scalloped heart to the side of the box base tucking some of it under the box bottom. You can also just trim the excess off.

Add some stamped elements and gems to embellish. Fill with candy or gifts and share for a fun Valentine's Day treat. I hope you have fun with this! You can see and shop the Smitten Collection on my website today here.

You can download the PDF of instructions here.  This process video walks you through the steps as well.

I hope you like the treat bag. Thanks for stopping by!

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