Saturday, December 3, 2022

Christmas Tree Treat Holder and a Tutorial

Came up with a fun Christmas craft project recently and am sharing the results here with you today. I got inspired to make these Christmas Tree Treat Holders to be able to give some holiday goodies to my coworkers and friends. The treat holder can be used to give candy, a gift card or even put a tea light in to add to your holiday decor.

The treat holder uses 2 pieces of 12" x 12" cardstock, strong adhesive tape, circle cutters and fringe scissors to make it. I have included some variations to show how this can be made in different ways. 

I am including a link to a downloadable PDF of instructions for this treat holder as well as a process video for it at the end of this blog post.  The PDF contains pictures of the steps along with a link to a Cricut Design Studio file that is an optional way for cutting your paper.

Step 1: From the first piece of 12" x 12" cardstock cut an 11 1/4" circle. Cut this circle in 1/2. From one half-circle cut out a 6 1/4" half-circle and then cut a 3" circle from that.

Step 2: From the half-circle rin, score about 1/2" in from the outer edge and then cut notches below the score line. Fold along the score line.

Step 3: From the other piece of 12" x 12" cardstock cut another 11 1/4" circle. From this circle cut an 8 3/4" circle to create the first ring. From the 8 3/4" circle cut a 6 1/4" circle to form the second ring. Use the fringe scissors to cut around the outer edge of each ring, leaving 1/4" uncut along the inner edge.

Step 4: Apply strong adhesive to one side of a 3" wood circle. I used these to add stability to the base of the tree. Apply strong adhesive to one end of the front of the notched half ring. Remove the backing from the adhesive on the wood circle and half ring and working your way around adhere the notched tabs to the underside of the circle. Cut off the extra from the base once you have reached the end.

Step 5: Apply adhesive to one side of the 3" cardstock circle and adhere this to the bottom of the cone base to cover the notched tabs.

Step 6: With the cone base on a flat surface wrap the cardstock half-circle snuggly around the cone base. This helps to start to form the tree cone. Unwind this and apply strong adhesive to one half of the half-circle diameter. Again tightly wrap the half-circle around the cone base and with the adhesive secure the end.

Step 7: Apply strong adhesive to the back side of each fringed ring. Starting with the larger ring, remove the adhesive backing and beginning at the base of the cone, adhere the ring while working your way around and up the sides of the cone. Make sure to cover the 1/4" un-fringed portion of the ring as you work your way around. Follow the larger ring with the smaller one. Cut off any excess when you reach the top.

Step 8: To decorate the tree you can add some Gold Embellishing thread, some Glitter Gems, Stickles Glitter Glue, the possibilities are endless. I did die cut some stars from Gold Glitter paper and sandwiched a toothpick between 2 stars to use at the top of the tree.

I did one variation where I did not use the fringe layers and poked holes in the cone to let the light of a tea light shine through. For another variation I used patterned paper for the fringe layers instead of cardstock.

This is a fun paper crafting project to do for the holidays with endless possibilities!

Click here for the downloadable PDF of instructions. You can also watch the process video below.

Supplies list:

X6030 - Evergreen Cardstock

Z5024 - Adhesive Tape

Z4054 - Gold Embellishing Thread

Z3555 - Christmas Red Stickles Glitter Glue

Z3238 - Gold Glitter Paper

I hope you enjoy using these directions to share some holiday treats!

Thanks for stopping by!

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