Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tips & Tricks Tuesday #3 - Using Liquid Glass

I am in love with the Liquid Glass product from Close To My Heart! Liquid Glass is fantastic for applying to accents or images for a glossy, glaze-like effect. It is a very underrated product and I want to show you some of the ways I have used it along with some Tips & Tricks for using it.

First off I want to share with you some recommendations for when you use liquid glass. Close To My Heart sells an applicator tip that is meant to be used with Liquid Glass to help give you control over placement as well as keep the tip from clogging. I usually suggest to my customers to purchase this tip when they purchase Liquid Glass.

To use the tip you would unscrew the cap from the bottle and then using a pair of pliers gently remove the tip that is in the bottle. It does not take much force to pull it out. You would then need to screw the applicator tip onto the bottle. The cap of the applicator tip has a pin that is meant to be aligned and inserted into the applicator tip hole. Another thing I recommend is that when you are finished using the liquid glass, tap the bottom of the bottle on your workspace a few times as this will help to move remaining liquid glass out of the tip and back down into the bottle before storing.

Liquid Glass is first and foremost a great adhesive. I have used it to adhere vellum, ribbon, buttons and chipboard to cards and scrapbook pages. I have also used it in creating home decor projects such as our All Around Creativity Wreath. I used it to adhere the leaves and bow to the wreath frame.

Liquid Glass has many more uses than just as an adhesive. I will share with you just a few of the variations I have used it for.

Create an epoxy letter for a title.

Stamp a letter on cardstock then go over the inside of the stamped letter, if an outline, or over the stamped image with Liquid Glass. Make sure to do this before you cut out the letter from cardstock and that the Liquid Glass is fully dry when you do.

Create a custom button.

With a small hole punch, make 2 holes in some cardstock then with a larger circle punch, punch out the button shape. Cover the "button" with Liquid Glass being careful not to cover the holes in case you wish to use some twine or thread with the button.

Add some dimension to a flat sticker.

Cover the sticker image with Liquid Glass to give it a more dimensional look.

I have complied some of these tips and tricks into the following video.

I am happy to share with you a list of uses for Liquid Glass complied from other Close To My Heart Consultants. For a downloadable PDF of the uses, click here.

To purchase Liquid Glass and the Applicator tip, click here.

I hope you enjoyed these tips & tricks and the video. Thanks for stopping by.

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