Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Tips & Tricks Tuesday #4 - Using Flip Flaps

Have you every found extra photos after you finished a layout? Have you ever wanted to add s special effect to a layout? Have you ever wanted to add journaling but hide it? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Flip Flaps from Close To My Heart are for you! These are little individual pockets that come with an adhesive strip. You can attach them to both your pocket or traditional scrapbooking layouts. These come in a variety of sizes and create fun, interactive elements on your pages. 

Ways To Use Flip Flaps:
  1. Add additional photos to a layout.
  2. Create a fun effect on a layout such as add a waterfall effect.
  3. Add some hidden photos or journaling on a layout.
  4. Add extra photos to your pocket pages.
  5. Add memorabilia to your layout.
  6. Create a mini-album.
  7. Use to create a shaker pocket in a card or on a layout.
I had fun using the Flip Flaps in this layout I did to showcase photos from Nicole's Senior portrait session. In this post I will share some Tips & Tricks I use when working with Flip Flaps and have included a video tutorial to walk you through how I added them to this layout.

As you can see I added a 6" x 12" Flip Flap on the left-hand page, 2 3" x 4" and 1 4" x 6" Flip Flap on the right-hand page.

Tips for Using Flip Flaps:

Tip 1: Decide if you want to adhere your Flip Flaps on the outside of the Memory Protector or adhere them to the scrapbook layout itself. In the layout shown I did both. On the left-hand side I adhered a 6" x 12" Flip Flap to the outside of the Memory Protector. On the right-hand side I adhered them to the layout and cut slits in the Memory Protector so they would go through to the outside of the Memory Protector.

Tip 2: I always cut the ends of the adhesive strip at an angle to keep the edges of the adhesive from showing.

Tools needed: self-healing mat, piercing tool, x-acto knife, ruler, pen and foam mat.

Tip 3: If you are going to adhere to the layout and then bring through the Memory Protector, it works best to position the Flip Flap so the adhesive strip is under your photo or a mat.

Tip 4: When you adhere a Flip Flap to a Memory Protector or to a layout, use a bone folder to go over the adhesive strip to make it secure.

Tip 5: When you are ready to put your layout into a Memory Protector you will need to cut slits into the protectors where the Flip Flap will go through to the outside. I recommend using a piercing tool to poke holes at either end of the slit - this will keep the slit from ripping.

Use a pen to mark the Memory Protector on either edge of the Flip Flap.

Insert a foam mat into the protector and use a piercing tool to make small holes at the pen marks.

Using a ruler and knife cut the slit into from hole to hole.

Slide the Flip Flap carefully through the slit as you put the layout in the protector.
Tip 6: You can add twine to wrap around a stack of Flip Flaps to tie it down so it does not fall out of place in your albums. Just adhere the twine below your photo or mat, pierce holes on either side of the stack and thread the twine through the holes and tie it into a bow.

You can see a video I did of the process here on my YouTube Channel.

For some more tips & tricks click here to check out this blog post from Close To My Heart!

I hope you liked the layout and enjoyed the tips and tricks video! Thanks for stopping by!

Supplies Used:

Z3268 - 6" x 12" Flip Flaps
Z3231 - 4" x 6" Flip Flaps
Z3230 - 3" x 4" Flip Flaps

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