Monday, October 30, 2023

Witch's Broom Treat Bags and a Tutorial

Halloween is always a fun time for me as I enjoy coming up with a new way to share some treats with my coworkers. We do a celebration at work on Halloween each year - dressing up, bringing in food, as well as some treats. This year I decided to make these Witch's Broom Treat Bags and decorate them with stamped images from the I Want Candy Special from Close To My Heart.

I will walk you through the steps below. I am also including a link to my process video at the end of this post.

For the treat bag you will need 2 small kraft bags, a straw (or twig), some ribbon, some stamped images or other embellishments, and, of course, candy to fill it!

The first step is to open up and flatten one of the 2 kraft bags as shown. Make sure to fold the bottom corners in. Cut short cuts in the bag that you did not open up along the top and about 2" down. Cut long cuts in the bag you opened up from the top down to the fold line for the bag bottom.  

Open up the bag with the short cuts and fill it with candy. I recommend not filling it anymore that half-way full so it can be tied neatly. Insert this bag into the bag with the long cuts.

Insert a straw into the bag and tie the cuts from the outer bag up around the inner bag and straw using a piece of ribbon. Add some stamped images for embellishments and you are ready to give this treat bag to someone special!

Here is the link to the process video on my YouTube Channel. 

I hope you like these treat bags! Thanks for stopping by!

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