Thursday, December 24, 2020

Technique Thursday #4 - Christmas Lantern and Treat Holder

I just finished these Christmas Lanterns and Treat Holders yesterday to give to my co-workers today before the holiday. I really enjoyed making these and can see so many uses for this pattern. I filled the lanterns with candy and gave each person a battery-operated votive they can put inside after the candy is gone.

I was inspired to make this from an idea I found on Pinterest. I am sharing the instructions for this here with you as well as a downloadable PDF of the step-by-step creation and a process video for this.

The lantern uses 1 piece of 12" x 12" cardstock, some acetate or window sheets, strong adhesive, a scoring blade or platform and a rectangular die cut. The cardstock is cut into 1 6" x 11 1/2" piece, 1 1/2" x 12" piece. 4 2" x 2 3/4" pieces and 1 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" piece.

The 6" x 11 1/2" piece is scored along the 6" side at 2" and along the 11 1/2" side at 1/2", 3 1/4", 6" and 8 3/4". I then cut windows in 3 of the panels using a rectangular die and my Big Shot platform.

The 2" x 2 3/4" pieces are scored along the 2" aide at 1 1/2" and then diagonal scoring is done along the 2 3/4" side at 1/2" and 2 1/4" to the other score line.

I started the assembly by adhering the diagonal corners of these pieces together with strong adhesive.

Next I adhered some acetate pieces that were 2 1/4" x 3 1/2" to the backside of the lantern base piece using strong adhesive.

Then I put some strong adheisve on each tab on the front of the lantern base piece and folded them in. I also added and additional 2 3/4" x 2 3/4"piece of cardstock to the base for extra stability.

I added adhesive to the bottom of the lantern top and tucked the tabs inside the top of the base to adhere. Lastly I added a strap to the top of the lantern before decorating it with some strips of patterned paper and stamped images.

You can download a PDF with the step-by-step instructions here.

You can see the step-by-step assembly of this lantern in the following video.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks for stopping by!

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